HRI2013 Workshop on
Design of Humanlikeness in HRI
from uncanny valley to minimal design


_ 09:00-09:05 Welcome

_ 09:05-09:55

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro
“Humanlikeness in Human-Robot Interaction”

_ 09:55-10:45

Prof. Karl MacDorman
“The Uncanny Valley”

_ 10:45-11:05

Jakub Zlotowski, Diane Proudfoot and Christoph Bartneck, 
"More Human Than Human: Does The Uncanny Curve Really Matter?" 

_ 11:05-11:20 <Break>

_ 11:20-12:10

Prof. Ayse P. Saygin
“Humanlikeness and Social Neuroscience”

_ 12:10-12:30

Scean Mitchell, Matthieu Destephe, Massimiliano Zecca, Kenji Hashimoto
and Atsuo Takanishi, 
"Shaping the Form of Tomorrows Robotic Faces"

_ 12:30-14:00 <Lunch>

_ 14:00-14:50

Prof. Hideyuki Nakanishi
“Appearance, Motion, Embodiment, and Touch: 
Minimal Design Approach Toward Humanlikeness”

_ 14:50-15:10

Yuhei Fujie, Maiya Hori, Hiroki Yoshimura 
and Yoshio Iwai,  
"Emotion Transmission by Color Effects for a Teleoperated Mobile
 Communication Robot"

_ 15:10-15:25 <Break>

_ 15:25-16:15

Prof. Michio Okada 
"Social Coordination and Coupling for Designing Human Likeness
of Sociable Creatures"

_ 16:15-16:35

Rosario Sorbello, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Antonio Chella, 
Shuichi Nishio, Giovan Battista Presti and Marcello Giardina, 
"Telenoid mediated ACT Protocol to Increase Acceptance of 
Disease among Siblings of Autistic Children"

_ 16:35-16:50 <Break>

_ 16:50-17:50 General discussion

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